Student Responsibilities

One of the goals at R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary is to provide a friendly, considerate and safe learning community that fosters excellence and promotes respect and acceptance of others.

This code of conduct was developed by the members of the R.C. Garnett Community to promote and maintain a friendly, considerate and safe learning community. It is expected that all members of the R.C. Garnett community abide by and support the expectations of this code of conduct while at school. This also includes traveling to and from school and all school sponsored events.

Conduct Expectations:

We believe that a strong partnership between the school and the community will ensure student success. We take pride in teaching the skills needed to support a friendly considerate and safe community and consistently revisit expectations for appropriate behaviour. As children mature, the expectations for behaviour become greater. Therefore children who fail to follow this code of conduct will be disciplined in accordance to their age and understanding.

  • It is expected that each member of the R.C. Garnett community will:
  • Tell the truth at all times
  • Use appropriate language
  • Take care of school property and follow school rules
  • Dress appropriately
  • Respect and care for others and their property
  • Be polite and use their manners

Consequence and Notification:

As part of the learning process students make mistakes and may demonstrate inappropriate behaviour. Inappropriate behaviour is subject to consequences determined by the frequency, severity of the act as well as the age and understanding of the student. Occasionally school officials have the responsibility to advise other parties of serious breaches of conduct. It is unacceptable for members of the R.C. Garnett school community to:

  • Bully, intimidate or threaten others
  • Be physically aggressive
  • Insult or disrespect others
  • Endanger the safety of others
  • Disrupt the learning environment
  • Use or be in the possession of alcohol or illegal drugs

These are examples of acceptable behaviours and not an all-inclusive list.

Respect, Caring, Garnett Pride

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