About Our School

R.C. Garnett Demonstration Elementary School is a teaching demonstration school, offering professional development for Langley teachers and teacher colleagues, both within and outside the province. Staff work collaboratively and with a common philosophy to examine educational research, develop instructional strategies and refine best practice. Classrooms are open to visitors on a regular basis in order to demonstrate the application of theory into practice.

Teachers have qualifications, skills related to the position and experience and/or willingness to develop and participate in:

  • An inquiry-based approach, reflective practice and action research
  • A¬†commitment to participating in a collegial and collaborative work environment
  • Working with colleagues in the district and province via: provision of demonstration teaching,
  • Coaching others
  • Mentoring focused on instructional strategies,
  • Sharing and development of best practices in assessment methods,
  • Sharing and developing best practices in curriculum integration
  • Research and implementation of current assessment practices
  • Technology integration
  • A team approach to working with student teachers involving mentoring, coaching and supervision
  • Inclusionary educational practices for students with special educational needs and diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Providing learning opportunities for parents that could include but are not limited to POPS, PALS, Parent nights
  • The development, implementation and monitoring of the goals and objectives of the demonstration school
  • Collaboration with Instructional Services and or Ministry of Education regarding best instructional practices, curriculum change and assessment strategies

R.C. Garnett Demonstration School

7096 - 201 Street, Langley
BC, V2Y 3G7
Phone: 604-532-7814
Fax: 604-532-7629