RCG Community News (Oct. 15, 2018)

October 15, 2018

This week:

  1. Parent-Teacher Interviews 
  2. Crazy Sock Day 
  3. Welcome Ms. Nahal!
  4. Motivational Magic: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Kids 
  5. Rainy Day, We Still Play Outside 
  6. Sister School Africa 
  7. Pokemon Cards
  8. Willoughby Slope Middle School Transition
  9. Parking at RCG… again

Upcoming Events

SEE CALENDARhttps://rcgarnett.sd35.bc.ca/news-events/

  • PAC Book Swap – Oct. 15-17
  • Hot Lunch – Subway – Oct. 18 
  • Provincial Professional Development Day – Oct. 19
  • PAC Meeting – 7:00pm in library commons, Oct. 15 
  • Parent Teacher Interviews/Conferences – dismissal at 1:30pm – Oct. 24-55
  • Scholastic Book Fair – Oct. 23-25
  • PAC Halloween Dance – Oct. 26 
  • Collaboration Afternoon – Early Dismissal 1:15pm – Oct. 29
  • Halloween Parade at RCG – Oct. 31 


Parents and guardians are invited to sign up for a parent-teacher interview slot. These times are an opportunity for teachers or students to share their learning so far, and for discussions to focus on maximizing opportunities to improve student learning during the year ahead. If you are having trouble finding a time for an interview, or if Wednesday, October 24 (2:00-7:30pm) or Thursday, October 25 (2:00-4:30pm) do not fit your schedule, please contact your child’s teacher directly.


Last Friday was our first school spirit day of the year. This begins our build-up to Sports Day where we crown a new house team champion for 2019. Will it be the green team again? Or will yellow come back after last year’s fall from two consecutive wins in 2016 and 2017? Here’s the points totals collected from all the crazy-sock-wearing-crazy-people at RCG on Friday:

  1. RED – 440
  2. BLUE – 310
  3. YELLOW – 290
  4. GREEN – 475



We are very proud to welcome our newest member of the RCG team, Ms. Jaspreet Nahal. This young, energetic and dynamic teacher will be replacing Ms. Deepwell during her maternity leave. We look forward to working with her. Please say hello when you see her. 


RCG students had an opportunity on Monday morning to be entertained and motivated by former Calgary school principal, Steve Harmer. Using magic and a host of other skills including juggling and riding a unicycle, Mr. Harmer shared seven habits that all effective people use for their own success and happiness, not to mention the effect it has on others. The presentation well fit our goals as a community to help RCG students be leaders – people who influence others positively through problem-solving (think win-win), taking responsibility (be proactive), being inclusive and respectful (synergize!), and determined.


Parents and guardians, please make sure when its wet or cold – or both – that your child comes to school with a warm jacket and appropriate footwear. Bringing an inside pair of shoes and socks may also be helpful in the event your child’s feet get wet.

Unless there is a significant downpour, the vast majority of the time it is raining we will be sending kids outside for their recess and lunch playtime. The movement and


Every year there is some new thing that kids collect, bring to school, cherish, lose, and sometimes squabble over. This year, it seems it is Pokemon cards – again! Pokemon never goes away, but seems to go in cycles, returning to be a fixation of K-5 kids every couple of years.

Some parents have asked: do we have rules? The rule is we don’t have a school-wide rule. Nor should there be a school-wide rule. Some teachers may use their professional discretion to create their own community rules based on the behaviours of their own students, and we think that’s appropriate as different kids at different ages may prove or disprove the ability to handle certain transactions and responsibilities.

Keep in mind, that in the larger, long-term scheme of life, Pokemon cards are replaceable and inexpensive. They may provide your child a good opportunity to learn the value of objects and to learn how to advocate for themselves when trading things they value. Better to learn the lessons of buyer’s-remorse or seller’s remorse with trading cards than houses, cars and other more expensive items. IF Pokemon is your child’s thing, please teach them about buying and selling and other financial transactions. We will try to do the same, because these are important lessons for life. We won’t police kids’ trades or get much involved, except where there have been deceitful trades, disputes or unequal power imbalances. As with all such cases, we will try to correct student behaviours when they do lie, cheat or intimidate others – but those things happen from time to time with and without Pokemon trading. If Pokemon cards are so valuable to your son or daughter that you believe it could be a problem for him or her, then we encourage you to keep them at home.


Thank you RCG parent, Alison Nystrom, for updating us all on how funds raised at RCG have supported our sister school in Phelisang. From time to time, we hold events designed to raise funds for this school in Africa and it is encouraging to us all to see how our efforts help others.


The Willoughby Slope Transition Committee met for the first time Thursday, October 11th to begin brainstorming topics to address as changes come to the slope. RCG students were represented by grade five student Derek BolliRepresentatives from school administration, DPAC and feeder school PACs got together with some eager students and brought up the issues they feel need to be considered – theme headings included ‘Student Safety’, ‘Transportation’, ‘Culture’, ‘Programming’, ‘Facilities’, and ‘PACs’.

District staff will now boil down the information gathered into possible action items for the committee to arrange into priorities. The next Transition Committee meeting will be in late November. If you want to add your voice to the conversation, talk to your PAC, your school administrator or email feedback@sd35.bc.ca.


We are thankful for the literally dozens and dozens of parents who walk their children to school, or who park off-site in the interests of everyone’s safety. Please help us remind our whole community that parking is limited on school grounds between 8:15am-2:45pm. If you need to park on school property during that limited time, you can check in at the office to obtain a parking pass from Mrs. Bradford or Mr. Woelders. Vehicles displaying a disabilities sign can park in the staff lot, but we have over 60 staff members and district staff who require access to the parking lot at all times. We also want to restrict any students walking across laneways and lots where vehicles are moving so we can guarantee safety. Thanks again for your support in this. 




see you there! 


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