RCG Community News (May 31, 2019)

May 31, 2019

This week:

  1. A Narrow Path
  2. New Playground
  3. Sports Day 
  4. Intramurals
  5. PAC Year End Event 
  6. Family Literacy Evening
  7. Breakfast Program 
  8. Night of the Notables 
  9. RCG Has Talent
  10. RCMP Junior Cadet Camp 

Upcoming Events

SEE CALENDARhttps://rcgarnett.sd35.bc.ca/news-events/

  • June 7 – PAC Year End Event, 5:30-7:30pm
  • June 13 – Grade 5 waterslides 
  • June 14 – Sports Day 
  • June 17-21 – Operation Waterproof – grade 5 swim program 
  • June 27 – Last Day of School, dismissal at 11:15am
  • June 27 – Year End Assembly, 10:00am 


Change is really hard. Of all the newsletter entries I’ve written over six years at RCG, this one is without any doubt the hardest I’ve had to compose. And for many varied reasons, it comes after one of the hardest weeks we’ve had at this school. I love this place and the community we are, but after six years an unexpected opportunity was offered to me to work in the same school where my daughter Katie will start kindergarten next fall, and my oldest of two boys will graduate in a few short years from now. As it has been for many of you, my wife’s and my journey to parenthood was very hard and we don’t take for granted the blessing of our kids and time together as a family. And so, I know I would regret it if I didn’t take the opportunity to be at the same school as my own kids at some point in their education, even though I love RCG.

Its for this reason, that last week I accepted a new position as Head of School at Langley Christian School, a K-12 school a short walk from my home in Murrayville, beginning this fall. It will be a daunting challenge. I wanted to get back to Langley in 2013 after 10 years away working in Surrey, because I wanted to invest and serve in the community I live in, and also because I operate from a core belief that communities are only as strong as their local schools and the people who are committed to work and volunteer in them. I’ve loved rubbing shoulders with you at parks and soccer fields on the weekend, coaching your kids and seeing you at the local Costco or Home Depot where we’ve all spent way too much money. I’ve even enjoyed the lively conversations about our parking and traffic situation! I’ve tried, despite numerous imperfections and mistakes, to be useful in shaping a school community that I would love to have my kids at if only we lived in this catchment – a place where kids have a team of passionate, caring and skillful educators, value-added experiences in athletics and arts outside the classroom, and a teaching and learning team that works collaboratively with parents and other partners to support and be inclusive of all kids and families. I always wanted this place to be like the elementary I went to: a hub of the community, buzzing with life, activity and meaningful relationships. Had not this offer come my way, and had it not come from another school in this community, it would never have been on my radar to leave RCG where I feel connected, rooted and so proud of the work we’ve done together over six years. This has truly been an inspirational place to be everyday. 

I’ve grown personally and professionally in immeasurable ways as a result of the people and colleagues I get to come to work with every day – there is no person here I haven’t learned from or benefitted from knowing. Even on our toughest days, through job action, illness, floods, construction, growth, the loss of loved ones in the community, and the other hard things that life throws our way, this staff and parent community has continued to move forward, supporting kids and striving to live our out identity as as school of leaders modelling our core values of integrity, community, excellence and especially – courage. The work we do as teachers and parents requires so much courage, so much risk, so much effort, and at times, some heartbreak… it is a narrow, difficult path. But, the results of seeing our kids growing and learning are so eternally rewarding, like a bright light providing hope and encouragement that never fades and draws us back every September, even though we know how hard it is going to be.

It is the narrow, difficult path, not the wide and easy path, that leads to life, success, happiness, healthy relationships and wellness. Embrace it. Look for it. Seek it out. And keep travelling down down it. Though sad, I won’t say goodbye, because I am not going that far away, and I will continue to be connected, travelling like you, sometimes stumbling, but always moving forward, hopeful for our community’s future, down the narrow and difficult path.  – Adam Woelders, RCG Principal


We are excited to announce that our new playground is nearing installation. The ground preparation is underway and we expect delivery of the equipment on the weekend of July 19. Our PAC will be looking for volunteers to help us construct it. Swing Time, the company we purchased from, will guide us in the installation process but our community will provide the labour. Keep an eye out for a call for volunteers toward the end of June. 


One of the most crazy fun days of the year is fast approaching. WE STILL NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS to make this day work for everyone. There’s no better way to enjoy the day than volunteering to help us with the competitive team games! Please sign up to volunteer here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f45adab22aaf49-sports3 


The RCG “April Madness” basketball tournament came to a thrilling close in May. The Liberty won the girls tournament, while the Trail Blazers won a hard fought victory in the final to win the boys’ side. 

This week the RCG street hockey league kicked off. There are five teams of grades 3-5 competing to become hockey champions in 2019. Games take place every lunch hour. Students can check the schedule and rosters in the gym to find out what team they’re on and when they play.


The PAC year end event is happening next Friday beginning at 5:30pm. Make sure you set aside time to come celebrate the year with the RCG community. Food, games, auction items – there will be a lot to do! Funds raised from this event will support the new playground and other PAC initiatives to support learning and opportunities for our kids.


A huge thanks must be noted for all the teachers and support staff who collaborated to pull of a successfully well-attended Family Literacy Evening. The library was full with little room for anyone else as RCG staff shared with parents the importance of literacy and how to support children’s growth in reading and writing. We hope to partner with our PAC and parent community more in the future to find ways to bridge the gap between home and school learning.


Thanks to the efforts of Ms. Honeybourne, Ms. Bray and Mrs. Bradford, RCG has started its first ever breakfast club. Students are now able to get a breakfast when needed before the beginning of the school day. Not only can students get some nutrition, but they can also connect with a caring staff member. We know well that students basic needs must be met if there’s any expectation that they can be self-regulated learners throughout the day. Funding for equipment and food has been generously provided by the Langley Foundation and from our RCG PAC.


What an amazing show! What amazing talent! It was a packed house in the gym earlier this week for the annual talent show. Students from across the grades performed their passions and we celebrated the diversity of our students. Special thanks must be given to Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Saumier, Ms. Sangha and Ms. Steunenberg for pulling off this remarkable opportunity for kids. 


Students in grade 3-5 classes researched and performed impersonations of interesting and influential people, both current and past. In a daytime presentation and again in the evening, our kids enacted their roles marvellously. Thank you grade 3-5 teachers for your work in scaffolding this learning activity.


The local RCMP would like to bring your attention to the Langley RCMP 2019 Jr Cadet Camp taking place this summer, July 3-5.
If you are not familiar with the camp, it is a 3 day camp giving kids the opportunity to participate in a mini RCMP Depot experience.  They will have the chance to be part of a troop, learn Drill (marching), run through a police scenario, visit with members of the Langley RCMP and other support sections, investigate a crime scene, witness the Police Dogs in action, speak with traffic members, learn first aid, defensive tactics and of course eat food as snacks and lunch are provided!!!!






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