RCG Community News (April 18, 2019)

April 18, 2019

This week:

  1. Peter Ewart Ravens
  2. Family Literacy Evening – May 16
  3. Basketball
  4. Intramural 3v3 April Madness 
  5. Speechfest
  6. Talent Show
  7. Volleyball Canada Pilot Project
  8. Grade 4 Student Learning Survey
  9. Green Week
  10. Ruben’ Shoes (Until May 3)
  11. Summer School Registration

Peter Ewart Ravens!

It was revealed on Wednesday at the very last middle school transition meeting – PEMS will be known at the “Ravens” when the new middle school opens its doors to RCG students going there next fall. Check the PAC page for more details. 

Upcoming Events

SEE CALENDARhttps://rcgarnett.sd35.bc.ca/news-events/

  • April 19-21: Easter Holiday Weekend 
  • April 26: Grade 4 Business Fair
  • May 3: RCG Demonstration Day – all classes in session
  • May 10: RCG Professional Development Day – students not in session
  • May 20: Victoria Day holiday

Family Literacy Evening – May 16 

Come join us for a fun, informative evening learning about literacy on Thursday, May 16 from 6:00-7:30pm. Please bring your child (or children) with you to learn about the importance of literacy. Literacy skills are strongly correlated with social-emotional health, graduation rates, achievement and a student’s confidence in themselves. This evening is an opportunity for parents, kids and teachers to partner together to give kids the best possible chance of being strong writers and readers.


Please use the link about to register your intention to bring your family to the Family LIteracy Evening on Thursday, May 16, 6:00-7:30pm.

  • Why is literacy so important for student success and health? 
  • How do parents and our community support strong literacy skills?
  • What do K-5 teachers do to help students achieve success in literacy?
  • How can we avoid summer time reading loss? 

We are looking forward to seeing you there. Please help us get a sense for how many people to expect by signing up on the link above.


We want to thank all the players who came out to play on our girls and boys grade 4-5 basketball teams. Thanks to their coaches, Mrs. White, Mrs. Storsley, Mr. Mancini and Mr. Woelders, and to some enthusiastic teamwork, all of our teams enjoyed very successful seasons. The 8 week season was capped off by some fun tournaments held and R.E. Mountain and Langley Christian. The new middle school, Peter Ewart Ravens, should expect to have some very talented grade 6 teams next year!

Intramural 3v3 April Madness

Though we usually kick this off in March, the grade 3-5 intramural 3 on 3 basketball tournament got kicked off on Wednesday at lunch. This year there are 6 girl teams and 8 boys teams competing for the trophy! All games are at lunch in the double-knockout draw. In May our ball hockey league will take over the hockey box at lunch, and we end the intramural season in June with our mini World Cup soccer tournament for grades 3-5.

Speech Fest 2019

Speechfest at RCG is always an amazing event. Our students and the parents and teachers who prepare them always deliver near flawless speeches on interesting topics, and our finalists always do very well at the district events. We are thankful for our judges this year: Lenny Yun (SD35 Student Leadership K-12), Dave McFadden (Pastor – Willows Church), Constable Lisa Cormier (RCMP liaison officer), Jo Abshire (SD35 District Media Officer).

There were so many great speeches. Congratulations to our winners. The first two place finalists moved on to YCMS for the regional finals on April 16. Two of our students – Trea and Franmarie won medals in the primary competition and will now move on to the district finals. Congratulations as well to all our contestants for modelling courage and RCG PRIDE.

Leaellyn’s speech garnered some attention to the character of the inclusive community we are all trying to foster here at RCG, and it started some conversation about how we can include other kids with diverse needs in the future. https://www.sd35.bc.ca/news-events/district-board-news/view/i-am-me-a-lesson-on-inclusivity-at-r-c-garnetts-speech-fest/ 

Talent Show

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 28, 2019, R.C.G. will be hosting our annual student talent show!  This event is fun and allows our students an opportunity to showcase their talents to our school community.  Students from all grades are welcome and encouraged to audition for this event. If you can sing, dance, play a musical instrument, or if you have an athletic ability that can be shared, we invite you to audition.  Of course, this is a completely optional event.

For those who are interested in participating, the first round auditions will take place in each classroom lead by your child’s classroom teacher.  Classroom auditions will take place during the week of April 23rd. Individual classroom teachers will notify their students of the exact date.  From there, the top 2 qualifiers from each class will move on to the semi-final auditions.  Semi-final auditions will take place during the lunch time play and eating periods starting on Monday, April 29th.  Students who make it through semi-finals to perform in the Talent show will be notified by Tuesday, May 21, to give them a week to prepare for the final event.  Costumes for the auditions are not necessary, but students will need to know what music they need and must have any other props needed to perform, for all their auditions.  Since it is difficult for each teacher to audition piano in the classrooms, all piano auditions will take place at lunch in the music room on Tuesday, April 23 and Wednesday April, 24.  Let the Talent begin!

Volleyball Canada Pilot Project

RCG students in grade 4-5 Physical Education classes have been participating in an important pilot project running across Canada in all provinces. Volleyball Canada is in the process of developing a game called “Smashball” which introduces younger kids to the sport of volleyball, which of course is one of the top 3 sports in the world in terms of participation, but is not as visible in our country. RCG received a tremendous donation of sports equipment as part of the partnership. Some classes should expect to receive a permission form next week so Volleyball Canada can collect some feedback from kids on the rules and format of the game. Thanks to all the kids and teachers who participated.

Grade 4 Student Learning Survey

Every year the Ministry of Education conducts a survey of grade 4, 7 and 10 students, parents and teachers across the province. If you have a child in grade 4, please expect to receive an email and some information next week about how to access the survey at www.bced.gov.bc.ca/sat_survey/access.htm 

  • Parents may access the survey with a Logon # or by Direct Access from the website listed above. The Logon # for the parent participants is one of the unique parent randomly generated logon numbers from AWIS.
  • Surveys are to be completed by parents with children in Grades 4, 7, 10, and 12. A parent may complete a survey for each child in the targeted grades.
  • The parent survey is available in English, French and 16 other languages.
  • Parents can complete surveys on their own time. The Logon # cannot be linked to any parent participants. It is used only to provide participants with the correct survey form, and to associate their responses with their school.

Green Week

A big thanks to Ms. Heinrichs and Ms. Espin’s classes for contributing their song about litter, and for the leadership of Mrs. Henrey’s class in planning this year’s Green Week Assembly. Division 1’s work on reducing litter on the school grounds also made a noticeable impact on the amount of trash on the fields versus in the trash bins! Great work students! This was a visible example of how we are all leaders with PRIDE at RCG!

Ruben’ Shoes (Until May 3)

RCG students and staff are again participating in raising awareness and shoes – lots of shoes! – for Ruben’s Shoes… a program for helping provide disadvantaged kids in other places of the world to receive your lightly worn shoes, something we often take for granted here in Canada. Please send your lightly worn shoes to school and deposit in the boxes set outside the office in the main entry. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Summer School Registration

Summer Session 2019 registration is now open for students currently enrolled in the Langley School District! Elementary and Middle Years classes run July 8 to 26 from 9:00-12:00 at various sites throughout the school district. There are classes for students who need could use some extra support to building their skills in literacy, numeracy or language skills (“Skill Builder” classes) as well as classes for students in a variety of interest areas, including Fine Arts, Creative Writing, Math, Science, Technology and a fully outdoor, multi-interest class at three regional parks in the Langley area (“Explorations” classes). Registration priority is given to students currently registered in the Langley School District based on space and staff availability but it will be opened up to out of districts at the beginning of May. Since Summer Session has become a very popular option over the last few years please check it out while space is still available if you are interested. For more information and to find out how to register go to sd35summersession.ca

Registration – Current Langley School District Students – April 8 to June 28

Summer Session 2019 registration in the Langley School District opens April 8, 2019 for students currently enrolled in the Langley School District. Elementary and Middle Years class registration closes June 28. Please note that priority is given to students currently registered in the Langley School District based on space and staffing availability. Registrations in available classes are processedin the order the registration occurs, on a “first-come, first-served basis”.

Registration – Out of District Students – May 1 to June 28

Summer Session 2019 registration for out-of-district students (any students not currently registered in the Langley School District) opens on May 1, 2019. Starting on May 1, 2019, out-of-district students can register for availableSummer Session 2019 classes but the registration will continue to be “pending” and not finalized until after June 14,2019. Out-of-district student’s registration will need to be confirmed in person at the Langley School Board Officewithin 7 days of registering or they will be withdrawn. The registration for out-of-district students will only be approved and finalized if there is space and staff available in Summer Session at that point.

How to Register

Online registration is available for all students and is the quickest way to complete the initial registration. Register online at sd35.coresolutions.ca or visit sd35summersession.ca for more information.

In Person Registration is available at the Langley School Board Office. Registration cannot be done by phone. Location: 4875 – 222nd Street, Langley

Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 4:00

Information Required When Registering

    • Student’s Personal Education Number (PEN), student’s legal and English name if different, phone number(s), address,and parent guardian(s) name(s) and e-mail address.
    • If student was not registered in the Langley School District for the 2018/19 school year, proof of parent / guardian(s)Citizenship and BC residency plus the student’s birth certificate must be provided.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


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